Recent Graduates

Crystal Bae (Geography), 2020
Dissertation Title: Paired Social Wayfinding: Dyadic Interaction in Real-World Navigation

Peri Gunalp (Psychological and Brain Sciences), 2020
Dissertation Title: Examining Perspective Taking and its Relation to Map Use and Environment Learning

David Hallowell (Education), 2020
Dissertation Title: Spatial Reasoning in Elementary School Children's Geometry Insight: A Neo-Piagetian Developmental Proposal

Chelsea Lonergan (Communication), 2020
Dissertation Title: Extending the Model of Intuitive Morality and Exemplars: Sex Differences in Evaluations of Moral Conflict in Narratives

Daniel Phillips (Geography), 2020
Dissertation Title: The Nature and Scale of Cognitive Communities of Interest

Alexander Boone (Psychological and Brain Sciences), 2019
Dissertation Title: The Influence of the Human Stress Response on Navigation Strategy and Efficiency

Yingjie Hu (Geography), 2016
Dissertation Title: Valuing geographic information: extending information value theory in the context of human mobility

Richard Huskey (Communication), 2016
Dissertation Title: Intrinsic Reward Motivates Large-Scale Shifts Between Cognitive Control and Default Mode Networks During Task Performance

Hannah Grossman (Education), 2016
Dissertation Title: Information Contexualization within Video Educational Media in Rural West Africa

Heather Simpson (Linguistics), 2016
Dissertation Title: The role of Intonation Units in memory for spoken English

Alex Wahl (Linguistics), 2015
Dissertation Title: The Distributional Learning of Multi-Word Expressions

Yu Zhang (Education), 2015
Dissertation Title: Learning 10ness horizontally Improves First Graders’ Estimation of Numerical Magnitudes

Patrick Pieng (Education), 2015
Dissertation Title: Promoting Young Children’s Understanding of the Situations, Thoughts, and Prosocial Responses Related to Jealousy

Heather Burte (Psychology), 2014
Dissertation Title: Individual and strategy differences in allocentric-heading recall performance and its neural basis

Brendan Barnwell (Linguistics), 2014
Dissertation Title: Effects of Non-Linguistic Context on Language Production

Amber L. Westcott-Baker (Communication), 2013
Dissertation Title: Dynamics of Persuasion in Response to Public Service Announcements

Danqing Xiao (Geography), 2013
Dissertation Title: The Role of Individuals' Cognitive Characteristics in the Comprehension and Production of Verbal Place Descriptions

Benjamin Adams (Computer Science), 2012
Dissertation Title: Conceptual Spaces for the Semantic Web

Kirk Sturm (Education), 2012
Dissertation Title: How leader behaviors influence task, procedural, and social goals in small group decision making: A mixed methods approach

Drew Dara-Abrams (Geography), 2011
Dissertation Title: The World in the Head: Measuring People's Spatial Knowledge and Travel Patterns Using Mobile Devices

Stacy Rebich Hespanha (Geography), 2011
Dissertation Title: Thematic and Affective Content in Textual and Visual Communication About Climate Change: Historical Overview of Mass Media Sources and Empirical Investigation of Emotional Responses

Andrew Dalton (Psychology), 2011
Dissertation Title: A Psychological Calculus for Welfare Tradeoffs

Theresa Robertson (Psychology), 2011
Dissertation Title: A Complex and Dangerous World: Two Sets of Evidence for the Recalibrational Theory of Exclusion Response

Christopher Von Rueden (Anthropology), 2011

Monica Bulger (Education), 2009
Dissertation Title: Online Literacy and the Trouble with Information

Peter Khooshabeh (Psychology), 2009
Dissertation Title: Is mental rotation color blind?

Andrew T. Stull (Psychology), 2009
Dissertation Title: Anatomy Learning in Virtual Reality: A Cognitive Investigation

Julie Dillemuth (Geography), 2008
Dissertation Title: Map Use and Spatial Knowledge Acquisition with Small, Mobile Map Displays

John Jabagchourian (Education), 2008
Dissertation Title: Incremental Changes in Children's Multi-Digit Number Representations and Arithmetic Procedures: Linking Strategies and Concepts in Early Mathematics

Alexis Filippini (Education), 2007
Dissertation Title: Effects of a Vocabulary-Added Instructional Intervention for At-Risk English Learners: Is Efficient Reading Instruction More Effective?

Sarah Battersby (Geography), 2006
Dissertation Title: Distortion of Area in the Global-Scale Cognitive Map: A Geographic Perspective

Alan Bates (Education), 2005
Dissertation Title: Maternal Scaffolding During Children's Attempts at Solving Quantity Comparison Problems in a Game Context

Alex Keuper (Geography), 2004
Dissertation Title: The Influence of Uncertainty Metadata on Decision-making Using Geographic Data Products

Rachel Nilsson (Psychology), 2003
Dissertation Title: The Tradeoff Between Usability and Usefulness for Educational Software

Toru Ishikawa (Geography), 2002
Dissertation Title: Spatial Knowledge Acquisition in the Environment: The Integration of Separately Learned Places and the Development of Metric Knowledge

Jill Leafstedt (Education), 2002
Dissertation Title: Crossover of Phonological Processing Skills: A Study of Spanish-speaking Students in Two Instructional Settings

James Marston (Geography), 2002
Dissertation Title: Towards an Accessible City: Empirical Measurement and Modeling of Access to Urban Opportunities for those with Vision Impairments, Using Remote Infrared Audible Signage

Scott Bell (Geography), 2000
Dissertation Title: Comprehension of Location in Large and Small Spaces by Children and Adults

Bryan Moseley (Education), 2000
Dissertation Title: Pathways to Linking Formal and Informal Knowledge: A Comparison of Elementary Students Constructing Mathematical Knowledge with Ratio or Part-Whole Perspectives of Rational Numbers

Reagan Curtis (Education), 1999
Dissertation Title: The Development of Counting Skills and Concepts in Preschoolers: Three Predictions Based on a Preverbal Counting Mechanism and Mapping Hypothesis

Roxana Moreno (Psychology), 1999
Dissertation Title: Introducing Social Cues in Multimedia Learning: The Role of Pedagogic Agents' Image and Language in a Scientific Lesson